Own & Host It: Develop Land with Solar Panels  and Sell the Energy

An owner and host (the same person) is a property owner who owns solar panels and develops a solar facility on their own land or roof space.

If you are within a Georgia Power or TVA service area and have land or roof space available, now is the time to consider solar as a way to reduce electricity costs, dodge rising energy rates and increase the value of your property.

These utility programs are now offering 20-year Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to purchase energy you produce applied as a credit on your bill. Lucrative tax incentives are also available to reduce your tax liability canadianviagras.net. It’s a win-win however you slice it.


Our Three-step Evaluation Process

To help you determine if solar is right for you, we’ll evaluate:

  1. Site
    The Bright Spaces team performs a comprehensive evaluation of your site to determine the best placement of your system and ensure that the structure upon which the panels will be mounted is sound.
  2. Energy
    We analyze the previous 12 months of your utility bills to right-size a custom-built solution.
  3. Finances
    We incorporate your energy savings together with available tax incentives into a 20-year pro forma so you can see the economic benefits of solar.

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Own & Host It Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do solar panels last?
A: Most solar panel manufacturers include a warranty of 25 years or more, however, solar panels are known to continue producing energy for 30+ years.

Q: Will inclement weather harm my panels?
A: No, we use panels rigorously tested to withstand their 25-year warranty period. They are made with tempered glass and go through hail testing as well. In the event of a major storm, solar panels should be insured just as any capital improvement.

Q: How do I know if my rooftop can handle the extra weight of the solar panels?
A: Bright Spaces follows all state building codes and regulations. We will first inspect your roof to determine if it can handle the extra weight of the panels.

Q: If the solar facility is on my roof, will it cause damage, leaks, or breach the roof warranty?
A: No. Bright Spaces uses only ballasted systems for flat roofs and special clamps for metal pitched roofs and guarantees not to penetrate your roof membrane or breach your roof warranty.

Q: My utility rates are low. Should I still consider participation in the utility program?
A: Yes, actually the lower your rates, the more value you get out of the program. For example, if you currently pay $0.08/kWh and the utility pays $0.13/kWh for power you generate, then you’re getting back 150% more than you pay on a per kilowatt basis.

Q: Okay, so if my utility rates are high, then I should not consider participation in the utility program?
A: The Georgia Power ASI program pays a certain $0.13/kWh for 20 years. No matter what your rates are or what they do in the future, you can count on this revenue stream for the next two decades.

Q: I’m interested in the utility program available in my area. How do I get started?
A: Bright Spaces will start by evaluating your previous 12 months power usage and the land or rooftop space available. We then generate a 20-year pro forma showing payback time and ROI so you can determine if the utility solar program is right for you.

Q: How do I apply for the utility program?
A: Bright Spaces will walk you through the application process and provide the technical materials required for a complete and valid application.

Q: If I’m selling the power I produce to the utility, do I pay taxes on the income?
A: The utility can either send you a check or credit your bill. The choice is yours. Bright Spaces recommends you see advice from a tax professional for all tax related matters.

Q: What kind of maintenance is required for solar panels?
A: Very little maintenance is required for solar panels. The occasional rain shower will wash the panels of any dust or pollen.  All Bright Spaces systems monitored remotely so you can track daily production and if a problem comes up, you will be alerted by email so it can be taken care of immediately. Bright Spaces provides a 3-year workmanship warranty and also offers long-term operating and maintenance plans.
Q: In addition to reducing my electricity bill and as a hedge against future rate increases, what are some other benefits of solar?
A: A few ancillary benefits of solar include: (1) reduction of heat transfer from the sun and therefore decrease air conditioning loads on rooftop applications; (2) solar has proven to increase property values; and (3) RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) can be used to meet environmental goals.

Q: Is financing available?
A: Yes, Bright Spaces has partnered with several finance companies that specialize in financing solar project. Our team can work with you to determine the right financing option for you.