Install Solar Panels On Landfills in Georgia

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Anecdote: Riding through Our Town, USA, a young boy asks, “What is that big hill, Mom?” With a hint of disgust in her voice, she replies, “It’s a dump. It’s where we put all of our trash, sweetie.”  With a puzzled look on his face, he continues to question, “What are we doing with it?” She slowly raises her brow, shrugs her shoulders and says, “Nothing.” He refrains from asking, “Why?” because he assumes that if people could do something with a dump, they would have already done it by now. The conversation is brief and their affairs of the day hold far greater a priority than the county dump.

The public views landfills in Georgia like a scarlet letter that Mother Earth must wear, representing the neglect and overconsumption of her residents.

The team at Bright Spaces wants to change that outlook and make the eyesores and wasted space (literally!) into something.

Shocking Facts About Landfills in Georgia

  • 221 landfills are closed (four of which are owned by Georgia Power) geneerinen levitra.
  • 1,121 operating inactive landfills are in closure.
  • 31 landfills are due to reach capacity by 2025.

Bright Spaces’ Solar Solution
We truly believe that there is a simple and great solution to our state’s landfill mess. A PV solar installation (solar panels) makes for a creative way to reuse the acres of capped, aged landfills. Not only could clean energy be produced by a 1-mega-watt solar-panel system, which requires roughly 7 acres of cleared land, but also the owner of the landfill would receive a secondary stream of revenue through a lease agreement.

Due to the current cost of PV solar installations and federal tax incentives, endless opportunities exist, in both the private and public sector, to turn dark places of decomposing trash (aka landfills in Georgia) into bright spaces of renewable energy. This model is not exclusive to landfills, either. Any property owner of under-performing land assets or any building owners with large amount of roof space can benefit from this type PV solar model.

If acting as a host site for a PV solar installation seems like an opportunity for you, your colleagues or your business, contact Bright Spaces at 770-508-8753, or check out You can also view the latest news about our solar projects and more by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.  

Photo credit: EPA